I’m Kickstarting a Tabletop Shmup

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me in awhile, well I’ve been pretty busy. First off, I got married (whoa!) but then my lovely wife and I decided to made a card game about arcade shmups together called Inglorious Space. A year and a half later and it’s ready for you to help out. Go to the kickstarter page to find out more!

Grab the Rubicon Zone Warning Beta with Music by Main Finger

rubicon-zone-warningNo more secrets! The latest game I’m writing music for has been revealed. Rubicon Zone Warning is a “unique action/puzzle PC game” by Adam “TideGear” Milecki. What’s it like? Well, since it’s unlike anything I’ve ever played, I think I’ll let Adam handle that one…

“Disarm metaphysical bombs meant to destroy entire parallel dimensions. Use astral hacking, a method of hacking time and space. Control a vessel, a manifestation of your consciousness, inside each bomb. Time is ticking down. The walls are moving in. Disarm immediately!”


  • Strange and challenging action/puzzle gameplay
  • Abstract and metaphysical future aesthetics
  • Make your own levels using just a text editor
  • Keyboard and controller support
  • Free!

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